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Improving corporate reporting: what about environmental impact?

Nos Experts

As part of the "Creating Sustainable Companies Summit", Jean-Guillaume Péladan shared his view on the tricks and pitfalls to avoid when conducting an environmental analysis, highlighting the importance of a corporation's positive impact.

Jean-Guillaume Péladan

Considering a corporation's positive impact

Information on environmental footprint and associated risks provides a significant but only partial view on corporate role in the transition to a sustainable economy. It is also crucial to consider a corporation’s positive impact. As such, it is important for corporations to disclose information on their value creation models at the business unit level. And there is not a single set of criteria (indicators) for a sustainable business model for all sectors.

An opportunity for a new inspiring societal project

The transition to a sustainable economy constitutes an opportunity for a new inspiring societal project. On the cutting-edge, some companies in the energy or automotive sector are prime examples of this paradigm shift. The potential of their positive approach is reflected in their increasing market value, outpacing traditional companies.
In addition, Article 173 of the French Energy Transition Law requires listed companies to report on risks associated with climate change and their consequences for their activities. It further requires institutional investors to disclose information on how ESG criteria are considered in their investment decisions; and how their strategies align with the energy and ecological transition. A first step towards the right direction...

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