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‘Planets align’ for the green and energy transition

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At Sycomore AM, we are convinced that the health crisis is a further catalyst that will prompt urgent action in order to strengthen the resilience of our societies and territories. A closer look reveals that planets are aligning for a stronger and faster response to environmental challenges.

The environmental agenda has become a matter of widespread public concern, with many individuals embracing the issue and acting as a driving force for the transition. Slowly but surely, the idea that environmental stewardship is an everyday issue has become widely recognised.

Beyond the pressure exerted by public opinion on governments and companies, this awareness is also reflected in individual behaviour and choices: thousands of individual and collective initiatives have created new lifestyles and raised the public’s expectations in terms of corporate social and environmental responsibility. Click here to read the full article.

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Are “Green” investments overvalued?

After enjoying an exceptional financial year in 2020 and reporting stratospheric earnings at the beginning of the year, “green” stocks exposed to the Environment and energy transition have recently suffered a rather sharp market consolidation, which has particularly affected the clean energy...Lesen

Our Publications

The Responsible Way 14 - Good Job

The start of a new year feels like a goodtime to reassert one of our strong convictions: we believe it is essential to approach the sustainability of our society from the perspective of three concomitant dimensions – environmental, economic and social. Today, with growing inequalities creating...Lesen

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