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Sycominute(s): January 2019

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December 2018 confirmed the trend. After having recorded the best start of the year in their history, equity markets finally recorded a sharp decline in 2018, investors worrying about macroeconomic factors, including a synchronised slowdown in global growth, rising interest rates and the reduction...

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SycoMinute(s): European markets in choppy waters

While US markets are reaching new heights, the situation is quite choppy in Europe. In question, geopolitical and macroeconomic turmoil from Turkey, Italy as well as emerging markets, with the trade war in background. Market update from August by our portfolio manager Arnaud d'Aligny.Lesen

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Sycominute(s): A truce in the trade war?

While the trade war, which had shaken the markets in June, seems to be pausing, the markets have benefited from an upturn in July. Q2 earnings season has been on everyone's lips, while being in full swing and looking relatively sound. Analysis of the economic and stock market situation by Camille...Lesen

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From Good to Excellent: Fitch Upgrades Sycomore

Fitch Ratings has upgraded Sycomore Asset Management's Investment Management Quality Rating from "Strong" to "Excellent". While the rating outlook is stable, this upgrade bespeaks the company's continued growth and development.Lesen

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Spotlight on… Hopscotch

In an industry known for being particularly competitive, communications group Hopscotch boasts attractive growth potential. The reason for this positive outlook is that the agency has undergone extensive reorganisation: its cost base is now healthier; and particular attention and care are given to...Lesen

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Neuer ESG-Themenfonds setzt auf glückliche Mitarbeiter

Glückliche Mitarbeiter sind produktiver und tragen so entscheidend zum Unternehmenserfolg bei. Dieser einfachen Gleichung folgen wir, indem wir unsere SRI-Fondspalette durch den ESG-Themenfonds Sycomore Happy@Work (ISIN: LU1301026388) bereichern. Der Aktienfonds ist ab sofort zum öffentlichen...Lesen

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Fokus auf... SIF Holding 

Im Licht der unwiderstehlichen Energiewende, befindet sich der europäische Offshore-Windpark im Aufwind. Seit nunmehr 25 Jahren ist es der weiterendwicklungsfähigen Industrie gelungen mit traditionellen Energiequellen gleichzuziehen. Beflügelt durch die anstehende Dynamik, setzt SIF Holding auf...Lesen

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Spotlight on… Amer Sports

Following a major strategic turn, switching its core business from tobacco to sport, the Finish group Amer Sports expanded through takeovers of prestigious brands, alongside necessary restructuring plans. A strategy turning out to be lucrative… Explanations.Lesen

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Spotlight on… Abéo

Similarly to Technogym, the French group Abéo went public in 2016. From the tight links it has established with various sporting federations to its successfully-driven external growth strategy carried out since 2002, through an action plan on the challenges of CSR triggered this year : these are...Lesen

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Spotlight on... Technogym

Carried by a vibrant dynamism, the sport industry stood out within European Stock Exchanges in 2016, with several remarkable IPOs. Among them, Technogym appears to be on an upswing, primarily due to its early bet on the digital field. Explanations.Lesen

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Sycomore AM, sponsor of the Hello Tomorrow initiative

Constantly seeking innovation, Sycomore AM is pleased to commit to the Hello Tomorrow initiative. As the exclusive sponsor of the "Water & Waste" category in its Challenge, Sycomore AM rewards startups showing strong environmental impact.Lesen

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Spotlight on... Shire

Shire, the Irish-based pharmaceutical company, spearheads research on rare diseases. The stock was first introduced to the portfolio of Sycomore Sélection Responsable in August, strengthening the fund’s exposure to healthcare. What factors drove this decision?Lesen